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There are many factors that make up a Web project's costs.
The actual estimate for your project depends on your needs and requirements, the time involved, resources, and materials.

Please answer the following questions in as many details. This information will allow us to get a better idea of your project.

What type of site design services do you want? Design of a new site
Maintenance or upgrade to an existing site
Other (please specify):
What is the purpose of your site? (check all that apply) Establish an e-presence
Provide information
Sell products online (e-commerce)
Sell products through the auction
Provide customer service
Offer a virtual community
Other (please specify):
Approximately how many Web pages do you need created? 1-19
Describe any advanced features you'd like your site to include (streaming audio/video, database, secure pages, etc.).
How frequently would you like your Web site updated? Daily
Very rare
Who will update your site? In-house, your company
An outside design firm or provider
Not sure
When would you like the project to start? ASAP
In two weeks
In one month
In two months
Other (different timeframe or date):
Please describe in details any additional requirements you may have (e.g. timeframe for completion or number of graphics to be scanned).
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