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I.D.S. recently completed a phonegap startup project with a PhoneGapExperts.com company claiming to build high performance cross platform apps

One of the recent researches indicated that mobile developers target an average of 2.4 platforms (excluding game market). Many of them are using cross platform development tools. Even companies one wouldn't expect, like Facebook, Oracle, IBM, Amazon, Intel, Cisco -- even Microsoft, recently reported on tools like PhoneGap, Xamarin, Appcelerator, RhoMobile, Appmethod, AppGyver, RAD Studio, Icenium and others.

Cross-platform is the way to go, the advantages are well-known: development and maintenance speed, save expense by using one code base to target iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc. Traditional lower performance concerns and less-native device functionality were addressed by building hybrid mobile apps. Hybrid apps use different types of wrappers to access native device resources such as camera, compass or accelerometer. This method provides mobile native performance -- or nearly so. It also allows you to upload your app to the app stores (unlike Web apps), and reportedly provides other benefits.

We’ve recently completed a phonegap startup project with a company claiming to build high performance cross platform apps (http://phonegapexperts.com). They have provided our PhoneGap developers with phonegap consulting service and did the actual development of the phonegap part of our project. They showed a really responsive phonegap app prototype. Nobody on our team could call phonegap slow. Using a combination of development approaches they optimize phonegap code and make mobile app responsive and usable, like native.

The timing of the project was also good, we were able to receive and valuate the results early and perform the necessary corrections. We recommend PhoneGap as one of the technology for cross platform mobile development and PhoneGap experts as the company who knows how to efficiently use the technology.

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